As an independent journalist, I focus on topics that make editors look up from their never-ending stream of emails and think: Ok, this is the first time we have heard that one! For over 20 years, I have made a living by spotting technological trends and digital solutions that influence politics, management, business, healthcare, and education. I deliver news and in-depth features about AI, robots, wearable technology, online business models, and data privacy. I have written monthly columns on tech at Politiken over the course of 3 years. See a small selection of my journalism.

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Content on company websites needs to be more recognized. Your clients and partners must be respected as intelligent readers looking for value. I write well-researched blog posts and news articles about company solutions, accomplishments, and history to help you attract visitors with stories that align with your brand. My format is journalistic, and my texts are based on facts. Today, every scrap of information is spread and reproduced (now by AI) in millions of ways and channels. The importance of credible communication has never been more significant. See a selection of my corporate communication.

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Digital Project Management

This rooftop terrace in Copenhagen illustrates one of many digital management projects in my portfolio. The photo is from a searchable online catalog showing examples of successful renovation projects in public housing. During the process, I conducted workshops with stakeholders, developed the concept, and IA built the technical and graphic solution with developers and finally produced and organized the content. I am proud that the main concept has survived for over twelve years. Quite a lifespan in a digital world! See the latest version of the platform